Property Management

Reliably Managing Your Property

At Brown Realty Inc., Property Management, our property managers and sales brokers are licensed and trained professionals, educated in current real estate procedures, protocol, risk management, and rent collection techniques. Contact us today and put us to work for you. We offer our services throughout the Southside of Chicago, including all southern Chicago suburbs.

Attentive Property Management Services

Why worry about your rental properties when professionals can take care of the hassle for you? Our staff is highly trained in property administration and operational tactics, including issuing landlords with five-day notices, correspondence to tenants, eviction processing, and referred legal services that accommodate our landlords. Our goal is to produce the highest possible income for our clients and to protect their investment day in and day out.

Call today for a free initial consultation. We will discuss the number of units, the number of vacancies, and the rental income that the building generates. The landlord does not have to be on site for this process. As part of the initial consultation phase, we will also undertake an inspection of the building to assess if it is one we can effectively manage. Our experienced team assists clients in managing multi-unit apartment buildings, complexes, and buildings with multiple units. We will assist you with:

• Rent Collection
• Tenant Selection
• Credit Check/Background Check
• Apartment/Rental Showings
• Maintenance Coordination
• Monthly Reporting to Landlords
• Client Consultations
• Tenant Location Services Only
(Broker Locates Tenant for Landlord)
• Tenant Complaints
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